Green Flag Awarded September 2017

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6 Clean Water and Sanitation7 Affordable and Clean Energy11 Sustaiunable Cities and COmmunities12 Responsible Consumption and Production13 Climate Action14 Life Below Water15 Life on Land

Find out all about our Eco-Work, led by our super Eco-Council!

Welcome to our page from Dalyan, Maisie, Luke, Lewis, Florenace, Ella-Mai, Jessica, Thomas, Oliver, Luke, Kortney, Thomas, Jamie, Amelia, Freddie and Theo!

And from our Parent helpers Mr Hargreaves

And our Governor Mrs Williamson

And from our Staff members – Mr Stark, Mrs Coates, Mrs Moorby

Eco Assembly 2018 led by our Eco-Committee

Year 5 Eco-Day at Lancaster University

Clean for the Queen

Making Bird Feeders for the school grounds

Nursery have an Eco-Week

Eco day 2015 video

Eco Day 2015 – slideshow made by our Eco-Committee

Eco day 2013 video

Eco-Schools is an international award that helps us become more sustainable as a school, and as a community by providing a framework to help embed clear eco-principles into the heart of school life. It helps to enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something important.

It’s overall mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities.

Through this programme we can not only enhance the curriculum, but take our message out into the community of Heysham; help with future school improvements and plans; help the school to save money; and to raise awareness and publicity of the Eco-message.

So where are we up to on our Eco-Journey?

We re-registered in 2015 and our Eco-Council completed a full audit of the school’s current eco-work and also looked at our energy saving measures to see what else we could do. It is the Eco-Council, made up of pupils, staff, governors and other community members who are the driving force behind this work, and the pupils report back to the whole school and the Headteacher regularly.

We completed our Bronze Award in Summer 2015 and are racing ahead to completing our Silver Award in December 2015 before we embark on the journey towards Green Flag status in 2016. We have many ideas and thoughts on how we can become much more eco-aware – right across the school and we have organised an Eco-Day in Autumn 2015, and a World Week for 2016 where we can push the message further.

And what are we doing now?

This term, as well as emptying the recycling boxes each week we will be:


eco council

Watch the 3 R’s song by Jack Johnson


2018-05-01 Eco Committee Minutes

2018-03-06 Eco-Committee Meeting 5 Minutes

2018-01-16 Eco-committee Meeting 4 Minutes

2017-11-21 Eco-committee Meeting 2 Minutes

2017-09-19 Eco-committee Meeting 1 Minutes

2017-07-03 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

Trumacar Primary School Green Procurement Policy

2017-05-03 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

2017-03-07 Eco-committee Meeting 4 Minutes

2017-01-24 Eco-committee Meeting 3 Minutes

2016-11-22 Eco-committee meeting 2 minutes

2016-09-27 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

2016-07-05 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

2016-05-10 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

2016-03-08 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

2016-01-19 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

17/11/15 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

23/09/15 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

17/06/15 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

22/04/15 Eco-committee Meeting Minutes

 We are holding our Eco-Day 2015 on 23rd November and all classes will be involved in a wide variety of events and activities, find out what your child is doing by clicking on the links below.

2015-11-23 Eco Day KS1 timetable

2015-11-23 Eco Day LKS2 timetable

2015-11-23 Eco Day UKS2 timetable

Year 1 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 2 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 3 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 3_4 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 4 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 5 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

Year 5_6 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter

 Year 6 Eco Day and the Big Recycle Letter