Healthy Cookery Club Award

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We were very proud to received a Learning Excellence Award for our Healthy Cookery Club in 2015!

The Healthy Cookery Club was set up by Mrs Smith to raise the awareness of healthy food choices and how to prepare and cook food which is both healthy and enjoyable to eat. It runs tremly and enables children from Year 2 to Year 6 to use fresh food and follow recipes to prepare both savoury and sweet healthy dishes that they can cook at home. The children learn to work together to create stunning dishes as well as become more independent in the kitchen, altering recipes to suit their tastes. They learn skills such as chopping, chopping, peeling, weighing, baking, shallow frying etc and work from the Lancashire Schools Healthy recipe book which they then get a copy of to use at home.

The best part of the cookery club is that at the end of each term, the club invite their parents in to school to come and cook alongside them before eating all together at a set-table. This provides the children with the opportunity to then enjoy cooking for someone else and the chance to show off their new found skills.

The real success of the club is that parents and children have told me of their cooking at home as a result of the club’s opportunities. Children eagerly show the healthy flapjack they have made at home for their school lunchbox and parents have commented on the fact that their children are eating foods that they have previously shunned!

Gaining this award is a proud moment for the school and the Cookery Club continues to be a sought after activity after-school, being oversubscribed each term.

The Lancashire Food in Schools Recipe Book

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