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At Trumacar we are very proud of the Values which we uphold and teach to all of our pupils and expect all of our community members to uphold. Education, in our eyes, is not only about subject matter and learning for exams but is about bringing the whole child out of themselves to be a well-balanced and thoughtful member of British society and the world beyond.

To this end our school enables children to work towards the Values Baccalaureate and support them through termly themes connected within the PSHE Curriculum and discussed through assemblies, class times and through a myriad of other opportunities provided to the children including School Council, Pupil Power Day, Anti-Bullying Day, E-Safety Day and much, much more.

In November 2015, we were assessed for the quality of our Values Curriculum by Dr Alison Clark from Values-based Education which is headed by Dr Neil Hawkes. She has written an incredible report, which you can download, and as a result we were the Quality Mark for Values Education which really highlights all that we offer at Trumacar.

Read it now…Trumacar Values QM Report.

To find out more about Values Education click on the logo

This year’s themes are all on the Values page and all uphold the school’s mission statement ‘Inspiring children, Achieving Our Dreams’ as well as the the Trumacar standards of

Trust Responsibility Understanding Motivation Achievement Care And Respect

Our mission statement of ‘Inspiring children, Achieving Our Dreams’ was put together in a joint venture between the staff, governors and the children. All parties were asked what they thought the school should be doing for children and the governors and staff thought that inspiration to learn was key to children’s attainment and future prospects. This linked directly to what the School Council finally came up with after having suggestions from the whole school pupil base, the belief that the school was there to help provide the children with the tools to achieve their dreams – hence ‘Inspiring Education, Achieving Our Dreams’

Ofsted 2013 said

“This is a caring school, pupils are looked after well and relationships between staff and pupils are strong. Pupils say often that, ‘Teachers help you.’ Parents say that their children are happy in school and inspectors agree. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and apply themselves very well, particularly when they are given the opportunity to work in pairs and groups in their lessons.”

Other visitor’s say

A pleasure to film here at Trumacar for our new Channel 4 series. The children and staff are incredibly welcoming, and a real credit to the school. Looking forward to returning soon. Always a fantastic experience on both our visits. Every school needs a Mr Slater!! Kerry Fanneran and Chris Kershaw, 7 Wonder Productions

I have had a wonderful visit at Trumacar School. The Values are evident around school, within the systems and in planning . Most of all, the happy, caring relationships are evident between teachers and pupils. It has been a privilege to have this visit. Dr Alison Clark

We love visiting, the whole school is so welcoming! I feel like the Pied Piper as I walk down the corridor with all the children following Droopy. The children and staff are all fantastically fabulous! Julie and Droopy

We celebrate the children’s achievements in attaining and learning these Values each week during Star of the Week Assembly as well as celebrating at the end of each half-term with those who have been recognised  for displaying and demonstrating the weekly value both in and out of school. To see what our themes are, click here to read our Trumacar Values page and you will find all our star of the week themes and how they have been introduced in assembly.


  What do parents and children think of the new values and especially our ‘star of the week’ system?


‘The new star of the week themes are easy to understand and the children can tell you why they were chosen. Sometimes before they weren’t really sure what they had done to be chosen’

‘We love that it is on twitter. We knew our son had been chosen before we picked him up from school and could tell him how proud we were straight away.’

‘We were so proud that he was Reception’s first star of the week, the recognition of him means a lot to us as parents’  parents of J

J said ‘Mummy and daddy were happy and hugged me, I want to show them where my picture is’

Year 2 child looking at display

‘I am going to show my Mum and Dad when they come for parents evening where my photo is. Look there I am!’



Further links to demonstrate the power of the school’s ethos can be found on our YouTube channel and our Twitter feed, some are shown below:

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and this is only since September 2015!

Lots more from previous years on our YouTube Channel