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Achieved November 2015 – Physical Activity Quality Mark Achieved

Acro-Gym Competition for Years 3 and 4 – Silver Medal Winners!

Highlights from the quality report

We believe that children need to be healthy in body as well as in mind and work hard to provide a wide range of sports and outdoor opportunities for all of the children. This includes sports clubs, two PE lessons per week, cycling training and Bikeability, Road Safety lessons, Fell Walks, Sports Week, residential visits to Lakeside YMCA, day visits to Borwick Hall Outdoor Education Centre, walks locally and further afield such as Warton Crag, gardening in school and at our allotment and much, much more!

We were very proud to achieve the School Sports Gold Award in 2015 which celebrated all that we offer at Trumacar. Videos of all the sports we offer are on the Sports Gold Award webpage.

Whilst we have a very wide range of activities on offer we had noticed that the attendance at some clubs was declining and that some children were not accessing any of the clubs on offer. Mr Beckett continues to monitor this  to check that we are providing clubs which stimulate and excite the children about being active. Netball club came close to being cancelled due to lack of uptake and some clubs open to Years 5 and 6 were expanded to years 3 & 4 to try and boost numbers. Attendance in other clubs was erratic with numbers ranging between 10 and 20 attending and a rather lethargic attitude to attendance.

A questionnaire was sent out to families to see if there were reasons why children were not attending clubs so regularly and about attitudes to PE lessons fitness and activity. Parents were asked if they would like to be involved in sports week or had suggestions.

The majority of children who returned the questionnaire said that they enjoyed PE lessons and liked to be active.

We asked if there were barriers to attending after school activity clubs. Reasons given for not attending:

It was decided to expand our traditional sports days into a sports week with an opening ceremony and a wide range of activities for children to try from Reception to Year 6. We hoped this would give children, especially those less active an opportunity to try activities they had not previously tried or thought of trying. A questionnaire was sent out to families to see if there were reasons why children were not attending clubs so regularly and about attitudes to PE lessons fitness and activity. Parents were asked if they would like to be involved in sports week or had suggestions. We worked with the suggestions from the questionnaire and with the ‘Sports Crew’ to plan out a full week of activities which was led by Mr Beckett.

The week was so packed with activities organised by Mr Beckett that the school gymnastics couldn’t be fitted into the initial week and ‘spilled over’ into the following week.

The theme was very much ‘give it a go’, an attitude that we hope to foster in all our children (and staff!)

What did the children think?

‘I enjoyed the go-karting because I had never tried it before and it made me feel like I would like to try it again.’  – Year 4 girl

“Sports week was good because you got to try lots of stuff that you wouldn’t normally do” – Year 4 girl

“I like doing exercises outside with the dice. I can do star jumps!” – Reception boy

‘The go karting was challenging, it took me a while to get going but I did eventually!’ – Year 5 boy

‘I like football, it gives you energy’  – Year 4

‘I liked the football tournament, it was good being part of a team even though we didn’t win’

‘I had never tried curling, it was very funny’  – Year 2

‘I loved running on sports week, it is now my favourite sport’ 

‘I did the gymnastics competition. I didn’t think I was going to be very good but I did it and I won 2 medals and the trophy. I am so surprised and very proud of myself’  – Year 5 girl

‘I cannot believe my daughter had the confidence to perform in front of people in the gym competition. We are so proud of her and how she has developed. She is thrilled with her medals and to win a trophy as you can tell by her face’  – Parent of year 1 child.

The give it a go attitude seems to be working with both children and staff! Just look at our YMCA photos to staff trying out kayaking and going on the zip wire, and staff joining in with fell walks and cycling along Morecambe front!


Will it be sustained?


Gym club: over 45 year 3/4 children signed up to give an acro gym comp a go resulting in trials as we are only allowed one team of 10. All children that haven’t made team encouraged to participate in the Key steps competition in 2016 with possibility of 4 teams being entered.

All clubs seem to be having no problems with children attending but this will be monitored by Mr Beckett to ensure attendance and numbers stay good.

After working with an RUF coach 3 children now go to the Vale of Lune Rugby club

Large group of Trumacar children attend training with Morecambe Hawks football club

2 boys invited to trials for the district football team

A group of children from Year 2 are attending a gymnastics/dance class recently set up by Tracy Austin (information from parent )

Several children attending gymnastics classes at the local leisure centre.

Our week was so successful that planning for 2016 is already underway. We hope to have even more local clubs and volunteers involved. Some people we asked last year were already booked up so were unable to take part. And Mr Beckett is now helping other schools to develop their own successful Sports Weeks!