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This standard aims to help you, as children, and you, as adults, to ensure that everyone is safe in our community. Safety doesn’t just cover ‘being hurt or injured’, it might mean being safe from online bullying or being safe from getting into debt when you are older. Safety covers a wide range of areas and we thought we would start this webpage with a variety of other websites you could go to to keep yourself safe in lots of different ways. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any of these sites and some sites may require a parent to go through it with their child.

From our work on this standard we have already seen a rise in understanding amongst the children, and their parents, about the dangers of playing and working online. It is hard to quantify this through data, but through conversations with children they are clearly much more aware and all understand the need to not share personal details and now know what to do if something appears on the screen that is inappropriate (see some of the comments below). For parents, the Online Safety training was such a success that parents have now asked for another one as more want to find out about this important issue in school – so this is being planned for Autumn 2016.

This change in attitude towards Online Safety is also being channeled through the children’s Computing lessons through the curriculum and through our continued work on equality (having now achieved the Lancashire Equality Mark) and our Trumacar Values and VbE work. The Computing curriculum has been redesigned by the subject leaders so that safety online is a main theme running throughout the year, and our Values Based Curriculum links to how we communicate in all walks of life – be it verbally, non-verbally, online, through text or through other forms – and making sure that we take responsibility for our communications and think of the effect of what we might write/say on the recipient.

Since the training we have had not parents or children informing the school of any bullying online or via text, something which was on the rise previously, and no concerns brought to us of children accessing inappropriate websites – again something that had happened previously albeit only a couple of times.

Overall, the impact of completing this standard and promoting safety across the school in this way has had a real and positive impact which is evident in all of the posters, photographs and discussions around school.

The children designed some posters to promote E-Safety to other children – here are some examples:








And Reception drew Smartie


E safety parent survey results

Feedback from parents and pupils following our E-Safety Evening

‘Following the excellent meeting, it made me really think about where my child uses his laptop. At the moment he uses it in his room and I have no idea what he is doing, so I’ve started to get him to bring it downstairs to work on from time to time’

Mrs H( parent of year 6 boy) 

‘Mum now gets me to work on the laptop in the lounge so they can see what I am doing, before they let me use it in my bedroom. It’s ok and I quite like that they are interested in what I am playing now even though Mum still doesn’t understand the games I play!’

‘T’  boy in year 6

‘A great evening – thanks everyone. Hadn’t realised how easy it was to find people on some of these sites. Will make sure I’m connected to my children’s accounts when they are old enough to use some of the sites mentioned’

Ms N (parent of year 3 & year 6 girls)

Mum had a talk with me about Facebook and other sites. She says I am not old enough to go on these sites yet and I have to wait until I go to High school. I didn’t think it was fair as some of my friends in primary already have them. After we had a talk and from E safety day at school I understand why even though it’s still not fair! Mum says she will be my first friend and lots of my family will too so I can share pictures with them’

‘C’ year 6

‘I thought I knew quite a lot about online safety but I was wrong, Just a shame so many other parents think they know what to do – clearly they don’t. Will you run it again?’

Mr H, Parent of Nursery, year 3 and year 5 children

‘Dad has asked me lots of questions about what we have been doing at school and asking me about internet safety. I showed him the posters we had made in class and told him about SMART and he told me what he had learned too. We checked our settings on our internet and he blocked some things  – we don’t want the little ones to see things they shouldn’t’

‘I’ year 5

‘I didn’t expect the Reception children to be included in E-safety day so was really impressed when my child came home and was telling me about Smartie the penguin and how he needed help to be safe using a tablet. He remembered the phrase ‘before you click, click, click, think, think, think and tell someone’ . It made me realise that even young children need to be kept safe and made me attend the parent workshop so that I can keep my knowledge up to date so I can protect my children in future’

Mr G parent of Reception child

‘ I told my daddy about Smartie’

T in Reception

Information about our work on Equality and its connection with Safety Education

Our E-Safety Day is on Tuesday 9th February AND

we have arranged an E-Safety Evening for Parents to find out why you need to be E-safe at home, and how to actually do it!

Safer Internet Day 2016 in school – watch and find out what we found out

Our Online Safety Guide for Parents and Pupils

Watch Super Internet Guy help out in Year 3/4

Click here to complete our E-Safety Questionnaire and then send it back in!

And here is the  KS2 Pupil esafety questionnaire we will be using.

Our Safety Related Polices:

Anti-Bullying Policy 2015

Equality Policy 2016

E-Safety Policy 2016

Health and Safety Policy 2015

PE Policy 2015

Positive Behaviour Policy 2013

PSHE Policy incorporating British and Trumacar Values 2015

Smoke Free School Policy 2015

SRE policy 2016

together safer Lancashire


There are lots of different websites – including our own E-Safety page which you can find by clicking here.

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Road Safety

We run Road Safety courses for all of our Infant classes and Bikeability courses for our Year 5 and 6 children – but there is still plenty you can find out about online


think! greencross bicycle-safety-course-here

Personal Safety

Its all about making sure you have the knowledge and confidence to be safe at all times -no matter where you are. Its good to get advice – and don’t forget to ALWAYS tell an adult where you are going to be (and let them know if your plans change!)

suzy lamplugh crimestoppers safety net

Money Aware

Its easy to end up spending more money than you can afford. Its a good idea to start looking after your money as early as possible and start to budget how much you can REALLY spend. Being in debt is no fun at all – and can cause other problems too.

money citizens advice Why not start a bank account for your child?




Post Office



Drugs and Medicine Awareness

Fire Safety

fire service firesafety firesafety2

Water Safety

rospa water safety Water-Safety

Train Safety

train safety network rail trackoff