RE Quality Mark

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We are very proud of this Bronze Award for Religious Education at Trumacar as it lends itself to all we do in educating the children about the wider world and the wide variety of people whom they may come across in the future. For this award we collated all of our curriculum plans, pupils’ work, activities and events to show the rounded education we provide for the children at Trumacar. The assessor, Penny Hollander, was extremely impressed by all we offer to our children and felt that we were actually very near to achieving the Silver Award – but we need to put further staff training in place to ensure everyone is fully up to speed on all religions. This is something we have already planned in for our training days in 2015/16.

Examples of our RE special events and days can be found by clicking on the links below:

Year 1 and 2 visit Heysham Free Methodist Church

Learning about Peace Mala

Reception celebrate Chinese New Year

Learning about Islam in KS1

Supporting Operation Christmas Child

Harvest Assembly

Learning about Islam

Easter Assembly

Learning about Sikhism

Epiphany at Liverpool Cathedral

Hindu Workshop with Year 1 and 2

Learning about Hinduism

Learning About Baptism

Harvest Festival

Learning about Buddhism

Trip to Manjushri Kadampa Medication Centre

Visiting St Peter’s Church

Visiting Lytham Synagogue

Learning about Judaism

RE Conference

Hindu Wedding Party