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Our School Council works for YOU!

So Hello from Lamine, Max, Mabel, Josh, Kelsie, Matthew, Bethany, Callum, Zhe-Xu, Leon, Rachael, Nathan, Alex, Tom, Ellie and Joe

If you have any ideas or thoughts about how we can keep improving our school – then speak to your councillor today!

In 2015 outr School Council received a Learning Excellence Award for all their work on Pupil Power and the Pupil Voice.

Our project grew out of a need to improve pupil voice and ensure our children were happy in their school. Through a number of whole school,  high profile events, school councillors have embedded pupil voice across the school and children feel valued and that they are making a contribution to school development issues. We feel our children are happier in school as they know they can make a difference and are confident to make valid contributions through class councils. By increasing the profile of class councillors, the establishment of a School Council Message board, a School Council Webpage, the introuduction of class suggestion boxes and dedicated time within the timetable to discuss Council items we have developed a strong Pupil Power feel to our school. The focus on pupil voice has also had a direct and positive impact on improved class and playtime behaviour, attitudes to learning and pupil participation in whole school events. It has also enabled children to make their own chosen contributions to charities and community events.

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Recent News from School Council

British Values Day 2016

Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham Pupil Parliaments visit London and the Houses of Parliament

2015-11-23 Carol Singing on 28th November 2015

Children in Need 2015

Anti-Bullying 2015

Our Visit to St Patrick’s Primary School

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Pupil Parliament Day 2015 – Our UNICEF Summit Video

Our Visit to St Peter’s Primary School

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Our House Captains for 2015-16 are:

Saturn: Donny MacNair and Chloe Norburry Blundell

Jupiter: Thomas Brogan and Mia Winnard

Mars: Chloe Martin and Demi-Leigh Parkinson

Mercury: Jack Preston and Chloe Atkinson