Geocaching is an international craze and involves people from across the world searching for, finding and logging Treasure Boxes that are hidden right around the globe! Just down the road from school there are over 20 Geocache boxes, waiting to be found by ‘would be’ cachers and then their visit being logged on the website

But how do I find out more I hear you ask?
Well just visit the main geocaching website and register as a user and you can then start looking for caches near you – its all very, very easy!

What are these geocaches though?
Geocaches are boxes of all sizes and shapes, that are carefully hidden under benches, in trees, in signposts, behind noticeboards – all over the place. In the box you will find a notepad to write down that you have found it, and if the box is big enough, you may even find some surprises which you can ‘swap’ for other small items you might want to leave behind – such as rubbers, sharpeners, keyrings etc (as long as its not food!). But beware – geocaching is a secret business and you mustn’t take out a cache when others are about!!

Are there any special things you can find in caches?
Absolutely!! Sometimes you might find what is called a geotag or trackable. This is something that has a code on it and has been moved by cachers from one box to another to another to another, sometimes from one end of the world to the other! And when you enter the code on the geocaching website, you will find out where the geotag/trackable has been and whether it has a mission or not – for example, Mr Slater’s children have 2 trackables which are travelling back from abroad and they’re having a race to see whose can get back to the Lake District first!

But why are Trumacar getting so involved in it?
Mr Slater and his family have been ‘cachers’ for a few years now and Mr Wells has started too – and between Mr Slater and Mr Wells, they thought it would be a great idea to send 12 trackables out into the world and see if between them they can visit 60 different countries as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations. It’s also a wonderful way for the children to look at maps, globes and atlases and track where ther class trackable goes to – educational AND fun!

So what next?
All 12 trackables are being sent out over the next few weeks – The Trumacar Tiger is already travelling in the Lake District – and you will be able to keep an eye on where they are going by clicking on the pictures to the left and right. Please do keep checking and talking to your child about where their class trackable is, has gone and the journey its been on – and if you;re feeling enthused by this idea, why not log in yourself and get involved! Further details about how to geocache are below and more information can be found on the geocaching website,

Follow our Trackables by clicking on your Trackable of choice!


Poodles the Penguin from Nursery

Currently travelled 13,703 miles and is in France!


Louis the Zebra from Reception

Has travelled 2221 miles and has come back to Heysham – and escaped again! Currently in England!


Katy the Kitten from Year 1

Katy has travelled 14,630 miles and is now to be found in New Zealand!



Sophie the Seahorse from Year 1/2

After a lost Sophie, Sophie (2) set out and is now in Australia having travelled 14,016 miles!



Melvin the Monkey from Year 2

Melvin got lost too – so Melvin (2) set out and is now looking lost to as he hasn’t left Cumbria yet!



Manda the Panda from Year 3

She has travelled 17, 683 miles so far and is currently enjoying a stay in Norway!



Sammy the Squirrel from Year 3/4

Sammy is winning the award for NOT MOVING AT ALL!!!! He’s totally lost up in Grisedale Forest near Coniston – probably found a Squirrel friend!



Harriet the Hippo from Year 4

4,793 miles travelled so far and Harriet is now holidaying in the Czech Republic.



Desmond the Dolphin from Year 5

Desmond has been swimming across the oceans and has travelled a total of 4744 miles so far and is in Florida – probably at Disneyland?



Barry the Barracuda from Year 5/6

Barry raced off to America and is now to be found sunning himself in Spain having travelled 6,801 miles.



William the Wombat from Year 6

William has been steadily making his way back from Down Under and is now in the Czech Republic having travelled 11,212 miles.



The Trumacar Tiger from…Tigers!

The Tiger went prowling into Europe and was last seen in Germany but may now be lost…having travelled 14,599 miles!