Global Learning Programme


The Global Learning Programme provides support to help pupils learn about the challenges our world faces and to think critically about how we can all deal with issues such as poverty, inequality and sustainability. It links closely with the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and here at Trumacar we will be linking both this programme and that campaign as much as we possibly can so that the children get the best all-round understanding of their future role in society.

Through GLP, we hope that the children will gain a better sense of the world at large and understand that change can occur from a small start – from Heysham we can affect the world if everyone plays their part. The GLP will also be linked into our Creative Curriculum, as well as holding special days/events/weeks within school to further develop and embed understanding.

We also link the Global Learning for Sustainable Development Goals into our weekly Values assemblies. These links can be found on our Values webpage.

We will also be working with other local primary schools and high schools, so that some of our projects can be effective locally as well as nationally and internationally. We will also be working alongside schools abroad and are currently setting up exciting new links!

For more information on Global Learning, click here to visit the main website.