Curriculum Spring 2017

The school revised it’s curriculum provision in Spring 2016 following the implementation of the latest National Curriculum over the previous two years. Some changes have been made to our curriculum overview to reflect the needs of the local community and, in particular, our pupils. Medium term plans have then been written by teachers to ensure full coverage of our curriculum, highlighting skills and learning objectives which will be covered during each session, together with appropriate differentiated tasks so that all pupils can move forward in their learning. Below you will find hyperlinks (in red) to all of these plans so that you can support our child with their learning in any way you can. To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classteacher. Our Early Years team plan on a weekly basis and centred learning around the children’s interests and their personal development.

Area of Learning Year 1 and 2 Year 3 and 4 Year 5 and 6
Values Inspiration 

Pride and Responsibility


Pride and Responsibility Inspiration

Pride and Responsibility

(Personal Social and Health Education)

Healthy Eating

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

Healthy Eating

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

Healthy Eating

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

History  Toys from the Past Roman Empire and Celtic Britain  The Stuarts
Geography Morecambe and Lancashire Italy and Roman Empire   England Scotland Wales and Ireland
Religion Islam 







including Author to be studied

Julie Donaldson and Alan Ahlberg Dick King Smith

Traditional Tales

JK Rowling
Science Seasonal Changes Around Us



 Light Reflections and Shadows

Earth and Space 

Environment Observing Lifecycles

Computing  Online Safety


Online Safety


Online Safety

Data Handling


including Artist to be studied

Painting – da Vinci Sculpture 3-D Printing
Design Technology Mechanisms – Moving Vehicles  Food Mechanisms

including Composer to be studied

Music Express

Stravinsky and

Playtime Songs and Chants

Food and Drink

In the Past


At the Movies

Keeping Healthy


Sport  Dance





Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Cross Country




Cross Country

Invasion Games

Net/Wall Games

Pop Lacrosse

Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Languages BSL Spanish Spanish
Bible Stories

for reading within the term for reference, we are a community school but feel the children should have a knowledge of these stories

When God Made Everything

Adam and Eve

Noah and the great flood

God’s promise to Abraham

Jonah and the big fish

Isaiah sees the future

Daniel and the lion’s den

Joseph and his Brothers

A favourite son becomes a slave

God honours Joseph the slave

The Easter Story

Parables including

The Farmer and the Seed

Rich Man, Poor Man

The Mustard Seed

The Lost Sheep

The Prodigal Son

The Good Samaritan

Known Special Events during this term  Internet Safety Day

Shrove Tuesday

Comic Relief

Mothers’ Day


E-Safety Day

Comic/Sport Relief

Year 4 Easter Assembly

Year 3 and 4 residential

Spring 1 Panto (EH)

Trips for y3, y34 and y4 to Frankie and Benny’s (HR)

Possible visit to Heysham High for Computing (HR)

E-Safety Day

Comic Relief