Trumacar Nursery and Community Primary School


As a school we have high expectations of all of our pupils, staff, governors and the wider school community and have created a school which upholds high standards and clear values.

Parents are informed of our high expectations and are asked to read through, and agree with, our Home-School Agreement.

Our full Behaviour Policy can be found on the Policies webpage.

By having high expectations of behaviour, we aim to enable our pupils to:

We want:

Within our policy we explain how we encourage and celebrate positive behaviour as well as detailing how we deal with any misbehaviour, including any steps we would take to work with parents to improve behaviour if this was needed.

Although as a school, we will work hard not to use exclusions as part of our Behaviour Management strategies, this does sometimes need to be the case. This is extremely rare at our school and we have only had one exclusion within the last 10 years.

Our belief is that by providing an enjoyable, stimulating and wide curriculum which also includes as many outdoor opportunities as possible, that children will thrive by being at our school and will want to be a part of all that is on offer and be ambassadors of the school both in school and when visiting other places.

We are very proud of the behaviour in our schools and always follow any concerns from parents up immediately, providing feedback when appropriate.