Educational Visits

It is imperative that all paperwork is completed on time and sent through to the Educational Visits Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to any trip being taken (8 weeks for Type B activities including Activity Days, Water Activities, Farm Visits).

You must complete all information on the EVOLVE website by clicking on the picture below.


Please download forms below.

For all activities you must now complete some of the paperwork online by going to the EVOLVE website and logging in. The following paperwork must be completed electronically and attached to your online form.

Type A trips – any trip which does not constitute being a Type B trip! Paperwork must be submitted on Evolve at least 2 weeks before the trip is to take place.

Type B trips – anything connected with animals (farms, zoos), water based activities (sailing, kayaking, NOT going to the beach unless children are going in the water), outdoor adventurous activities (YMCA, Borwick Hall, Fell Walking) and residential visits (YMCA, Birdoswald, YHA).


Click on the links for each form which MUST be used – Some generic letters and Risk Assessments are at the bottom of the page:

Trip Letter 201617 NEW version – must be altered and saved and sent to the school office and uploaded to EVOLVE

2019-Risk-Assessment-Form-5-SCHOOL – must be answered and uploaded to EVOLVE Any further letters/information connected with the trip including Risk Assessments sent by the Venue/Organiser must be uploaded to EVOLVE.

Medication Required on School Trip must be completed prior to the visit and then taken with you. You must then sign and date as medication is given as proof of administering what has been agreed with parents.

Any other adults going on the trip MUST complete the DBS check form, even if they are not going to be with the children without another adult present.

Any parents offering to use their car for trips must show the Trip Leader their VALID CERTIFICATE OF MOTOR INSURANCE. Staff using their cars MUST have Business Insurance for their car.

Generic Letters and Risk Assessment Examples to be used and altered for local trips

Generic Coach Risk Assessment

201516 Trip Letter for Heysham Free Methodist Chapel

201516 Trip Letter for Heysham Power Station

201516 Trip Letter for Heysham Village and Beach

201516 Trip Letter for St Peters Church Heysham

Form 5 Risk Assessment for Heysham Beach Trip EXAMPLE

Form 5 Risk Assessment for Local School visit EXAMPLE

Form 5 Risk Assessment for Post Office Walk EXAMPLE

Form 5 Risk Assessment for Heysham Village EXAMPLE