School Budget

Are You Entitled to Claim the Pupil Premium Grant for School Uniform Vouchers and Free School Meals, plus other financial support?

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Pupil Premium Grant

As part of our determination to ensure that all children get the best start in education that they deserve, we ensure that our Pupil Premium funding which comes directly from central Government, is used wisely to benefit those children who require additional support.
We are targeting this money to support our work on READING, WRITING and MATHEMATICS as these areas require further improvement across the school. We also value the Family Support provided within school which support ATTENDANCE, BEHAVIOUR, PARENTING SKILLS.

2019-20 Spending plans following a full review of previous years’ spending and effect on closing the gap

Once again we could see impact of our use of pupil premium money across the school with progress results in all year groups improving and many children with additional funding making more than expected progress. This has led to an increase in attainment at the end of KS2 and higher progress measures on Government statistics.

For 2019-20 Trumacar has received approximately £174K in Pupil Premium Grant  in order to support children in ‘closing the gap’ in attainment and progress. 45% children are recorded as being able to claim PPG at our school and therefore this money is used right across the school.

Our Pupil Premium Grant for 2019-20 has been used to support the agreed School Development Priorities with a specific focus on PPG pupils.

The grant has therefore been used to ensure that:

Full details of our spending are shared and agreed with governors on an annual basis and they, along with Senior Leaders, then monitor the effectiveness of this spending and the benefits to the pupils (both PPG and non-PPG) This is monitored termly through data, and half-termly through observations, planning scrutiny and work scrutiny and teacher/teaching assistants will be held to account for progress and attainment being made. Further spending may be highlighted in CAF/TAF/CIN/CP meetings throughout the year and the school reserves some funding for these purposes as needed.

The Pupil Premium Grant spending and effectiveness is reviewed annually ahead of annual budget allocations.

Sports Funding from 2014-present day
Mr Beckett has created the following spreadsheet showing how Sports Funding has been spent over the last 2 years to further improve, enhance and develop sports for all pupils. Click on the link below for a closer look. See our Sports Award page for the photographs and videos of the impact this spending is having, or scroll down for a written explanation of the impact.

PE Grant – Financial Year April 2019-March 2020 updated

PE Grant – Financial Year April 2019-March 2020

PE Grant – Financial Year April 2018-March 2019

PE Grant – Financial Year April 2017-March 2018

Sports Premium Budget 2016-2017 (planned)

Sports Premium Budget 2015-2016 (updated)

Sports Funding Budget Spending 2015-16

School Sport Funding 2014-15

Effective Sports Fund spending has:

Our Sports Leader is now being asked by our link Sports Leaders at High Schools to support other primary schools in how they can fully utilise their sports funding to get the best for the children in other schools.