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Staff have consented to their images and names being used as per GDPR regulations.

All staff have been checked and verified by the Disclosure Barring Service and have been appointed following interview and satisfactory references. All governors, volunteers and visitors to the school are asked to provide their DBS certificate for verification before entering the school premises.

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher – Paul Slater

Assessment and Data, Curriculum Overview, Leadership and Management, Finance and Budget, Buildings and Facilities Management, Health & Safety

Head of School – Ceri Hamer

Quality of Education Overview, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, Safeguarding Hub, DSP, Educational Visits, Trauma Informed Schools, Equality and Diversity

Assistant Head – Clare Morrison

Quality of Education in EYFS, Management of Welfare Assistant Team, Deputy DSP, Staff Induction, English lead, Spanish lead, Phonics lead

Assistant Head – Jon Stark

Curriculum Development, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Continuing Professional Development of Staff, Quality of Education in KS1/KS2, ECT and Student Mentor, Deputy DSP

Senior Leader – Gavin Wells

Quality of Education in KS1, ECT Induction Tutor, Wider Opportunities KS1

Senior Leader – Chris Beckett

Quality of Education in Upper KS2, Careers Education, Website and Social Media, Wider Opportunities KS2

SENDCO – Caroline Moorby

Inclusion Leader

School Business Manager – Anthea Collin

Finance, Health and Safety, IT systems, Office Management



Nursery – Jennifer Smith – Design Technology lead

Reception HM (M/T/W) - Claire Morrey - Religious Education lead

Reception HM (W/Th/F) - Eloise Hadwin - Mathematics lead

Reception SC - Shahra Cook - ECT

Year 1BR (M/T/W) - Heather Beckett - English lead, Outdoor learning lead (currently on maternity leave)

Year 1BR (M/T/W) - Shannon Whittle - ECT (covering maternity leave)

Year 1BR (M/T/W) - Helen Robinson - Art lead

Year 1/2RW - Rebecca Winn - ECT

Year 2GW - Gavin Wells - Computing lead

Year 3MG - Charlotte Hale - Library lead (currently on maternity leave)

Year 3MG - Maisy Gallacher - ECT (covering maternity leave)

Year 3/4JS (mornings) - Jon Stark - Mathematics lead, History lead

Year 3/4JS (afternoons) - Kalpana Shetty - ECT

Year 4DO - Daniel Orr - Music lead

Year 5LM - Lydia Milburn - ECT

Year 5VW - Vicki van Mechelen - Trauma informed learning lead, Eco-schools lead, Geography lead (currently on secondment)

Year 5VW - Susie Stewart (covering secondment)

Year Y6BM (M) - Lorraine Moore - Art lead

Year 6BM (T/W/Th/F) - Chris Beckett - Science lead

Year 6CB - Claire Bloomfield–- PE lead, , Extra-curricular provision

Teaching Support Team:

Learning Mentor - Sarah Kendall - Deputy DSL

Teaching Assistant - Jan Armistead

Teaching Assistant - Joanne Bentley

Teaching Assistant - Nicky Calverley

Teaching Assistant - Madelaine Coleclough

Teaching Assistant - Sue Corbett

Teaching Assistant - Michaela Crawford

Teaching Assistant - Zena Elliott-Rulliere

Teaching Assistant - Sam Hair

Teaching Assistant - Barbara Hayes

Teaching Assistant - Kelly Hodgson

Teaching Assistant - Becky Ingle

Teaching Assistant - Chloe Johnstone

Teaching Assistant - Julie McKay

Teaching Assistant - Lynne Morland

Teaching Assistant - Alex Pearson

Teaching Assistant - Jennifer Ryan

Teaching Assistant - Sarah Simpson

Teaching Assistant - Rebecca Stevenson

Teaching Assistant - Dawn Taylor

Teaching Assistant – Juliet Trew

Teaching Assistant – Donna Waterhouse

Teaching Assistant - Caitlyn Wheatley

Teaching Assistant - Sue Whitehead

Teaching Assistant - Karen Whiteside

Business and Admin Team:

School Business Manager - Anthea Collin

Admin Assistant - Toni Lane

Admin Assistant - April McCormack

Midday Supervision Team:

Midday Supervisor - Alison Aspinall

Midday Supervisor - Hilary Merrick

Welfare Assistant - Julie Barker

Welfare Assistant - Jennifer Church

Welfare Assistant - Kelly Hodgson

Welfare Assistant - Kayleigh Johnson

Welfare Assistant - Lyndsey Kelly

Welfare Assistant - Caroline Lund

Welfare Assistant - Yvonne McFall

Welfare Assistant - Lynn Morland

Welfare Assistant - Debs Norbury

Welfare Assistant - Tracey Pattinson

Tigers Team:

Play Leader - Sue Corbett

Play Assistant - Ged Clift - Breakfast Club

Play Assistant - Barbara Hayes - Breakfast Club and After School Club

Play Assistant - Lyndsey Kelly - After School Club

Play Assistant - Sarah Kendall - After School Club

Play Assistant - Samantha Morland - Breakfast Club

Play Assistant - Dawn Taylor - After School Club

Site and Cleaning Team:

Site Supervisor - Paula Rawes

Cleaner - Claire Caprani

Cleaner - Karen Huddleston

Cleaner - Debs Norbury

Cleaner - Carol Robinson