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School Budget 

School Budget

The Governing Body and the Executive Head are responsible for the School Budget and ensuring that the school is viable and that the school finances are managed well.

No members of staff have a gross salary of over £100,000.

Previous school budget’s can be compared with other schools by going to the DfE’s Financial Benchmarking service website.

Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium Grant Statement - 3 Year Plan

As part of our determination to ensure that all children get the best start in education that they deserve, we ensure that our Pupil Premium funding which comes directly from central Government, is used wisely to benefit those children who require additional support.
We are targeting this money to support our work on reading, writing and mathematics as these areas require further improvement across the school. We also value the Family Support provided within school which support attendance, behaviour and parenting skills.


Full details of our spending are shared and agreed with governors on an annual basis and they, along with Senior Leaders, then monitor the effectiveness of this spending and the benefits to the pupils (both PPG and non-PPG) This is monitored termly through data, and half-termly through observations, planning scrutiny and work scrutiny and teacher/teaching assistants will be held to account for progress and attainment being made. Further spending may be highlighted in CAF/TAF/CIN/CP meetings throughout the year and the school reserves some funding for these purposes as needed.

The Pupil Premium Grant spending and effectiveness is reviewed annually ahead of annual budget allocations.

Sports Funding

The following document shows how Sports Funding has been spent to further improve, enhance and develop sports for all pupils.

   Current Sports Premium Grant

Previous Sports Premium Grant latest update


Effective Sports Fund spending has:

  • Enabled more specific sport teaching to occur from outside agencies including local High School support, giving more children the chance to explore a wider variety of sports
  • Provided greater opportunities for the school to take part in more local and regional competitions and tournaments – so more children are able to take part
  • Provided staff with on the spot training in school and at local High schools
  • Provided children with next steps to local clubs following involvement in a wider variety of sports including children taking up cycling with local clubs; football; cricket; tag rugby; gymnastics; dance and it has even had an impact on children taking up Guiding and Scouting movements as well as looking to join Cadets in the future
  • Enabled more children to take part in outdoor adventurous activities such as canoeing, water sports, residential sports
  • Enabled more sports to be offered during Sports Week and more specifically trained coaches to support the school at this time

One of our Sports Leaders has been asked to support other primary schools in how they can fully utilise their sports funding to get the best for the children in other schools.