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Sheldon’s Page

The not-so-secret Diary of Sheldon, a Reception Tortoise!

Hello, my name is Sheldon and I live in Reception with Miss Morrison & Mrs Bowler’s classes.   

I am settling in and wanted to share my weekends with you all, when I come and have sleep overs! I LOVE meeting new families. If you want to have me stay over, then please email Miss Morrison c.morrison@trumacar.lancs.sch.uk 

I’m sure she’ll sort this out for you. Sophie’s (Y1) Mum has put together some advice for collecting me & looking after me, I’m small but I need a lot of space! 

Here are some of my fun weekends to date… 

16 September 2022: My first sleep over took place at Sophie’s house, I met her family and had a lovely time. 

23 September 2022: I had a fab weekend with Sam- he wrote an ace diary too! 

30 September 2022: I had a great time with at Mrs Taylor’s house, her family made me feel very welcome!

7 October 2022: I spent my weekend at Jake’s house in Reception.

14 October 2022: I stayed at Cleo’s house – it was a 4 star experience!

I loved staying at Cleo’s house in Reception, but her pet cat was a bit scary!

Over October Half term I was lucky enough to stay with Lara in Y1 and her family. It was ace!

Weekend 25 November, I had the best time at Rowan’s house in Y1- we even played FIFA!

I really hope Lochlan lets me stay at his house again, even though I pooed in the bath! Oops! It was an accident.

Staying at Lily’s in Reception was fun, I had lots of nice food!

Wow! What an amazing Christmas I had at Charlie’s in Reception. It was fab! Thank you so much for having me- I love Disney films now.











I had such a lovely stay with Mila & Lois. Thank you for looking after me, I’d love to stay again.

Sheldon x















On Friday 13 January, I spent the weekend with Noah in Year 1. Sky loved picking me up from school.

My favourite dinner was shredded carrot- it was delicious! Thank you Noah & Sky


I stayed at Tommy’s in Mrs Bowler’s Class!

Thank you Tommy, I had a fab time at your house.

I really enjoyed meeting Barney, Simba & Giggles. I love making new friends!

Thank you very much for having me Sophie & Matthew, I loved coming back to your house!

Over the February Half-term, I stayed with the Fosters. Harry & Sam were such good friends to me, I’d love to stay there again!

Thank you


I loved staying with Phoebe and Harper!

Thank you for having me x

Thank you for letting me stay Amelia x


On Friday 28th April, I stayed with Isla in Reception. I had lots of fun there! x


Thank you so much, I had a great time with you all x

Thank you for having me!

Shelly x

I had THE BEST time with Newton! Thank you for looking after me x


Thank you Ebony & Max, I loved being at your house, it was so much fun!

Sheldon x


Thank you so much Ellie & Leo, I had an amazing time with you both. I’d love to stay again x


Thank you Georgie & Summer for giving me cuddles- I would love to come back and stay with you.

See you soon!

Love Sheldon x