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Welcome to our page all about Design Technology.

Subject Leader: Jennifer Smith

Governor with responsibility: Geoff Copsey

All policies are available on the Policies page.

Our Vision (Intent):

Design Technology prepares our pupils for the rapidly changing world that we live in. It is all around us in every aspect of our lives.  This is what should be achieved by …

By the end of Year 2 pupils will have been taught:

Pupils will start to use technical vocabulary, know how to use a template, join materials in a variety of ways and decorate using a variety of techniques. They will know ways of making structures stronger, stiffer, and more stable. They will be able to attach wheels to a chassis using an axle and know different ways of making things move in a 2D plane.

Food-They will learn to prepare fruit and vegetables, know where food comes from and begin to understand the importance of a healthy diet.

By the end of Year 4 pupils will have been taught:

Pupils use increasingly appropriate technical vocabulary. They will understand how to prototype a product and be able to sew on buttons and make loops. They will be able to use linkages to make movement larger or more varied, strengthen frames and cut dowel accurately. They will be able to use ICT to control products and use electrical systems such as switches, bulbs, and buzzers.

Food-They will be able to make healthy eating choices and follow recipes to prepare and cook simple dishes.

By the end of Year 6 pupils will have an awareness of and had the experience of:

Pupils will use the correct vocabulary appropriate to the project. They will join materials using appropriate methods creating 3D textile products using pattern pieces. They will be able to build frameworks to support mechanisms and know how to stiffen and support structures. They will be able to use mechanical systems such as cams, pulleys and gears, electrical systems such as motors and switches. Program, monitor, and control using ICT.

Food- They will prepare and cook mostly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques.

Behind the Vision:

Design Technology is part of our everyday lives, and all our pupils need to develop the skills to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. I would like our pupils to become practically capable and develop life skills.  I would like them to have relevant experience of developing skills and knowledge in design, structures and mechanisms using a range of materials especially food. Our pupils live ‘safe’ lives with limited experience of working things out for themselves practically. They need to have the opportunity to be inspired, to be challenged, to be able to solve practical problems and to take risks within an encouraging and supportive environment.

Our pupils aren’t always made aware of how healthy and beneficial it is to prepare fresh healthy food. We need to have an enthusiastic approach to food technology incorporating new aspects such as where food comes from and seasonality.  It is important that all our pupils begin to develop lifelong skills of cooking and an awareness of healthy eating and good nutrition

In order to achieve the vision:

In order to achieve my vision for the pupils in our school I will be ensuring that the curriculum that staff delivers fulfils this. I will be writing lesson plans for each Key Stage and ensuring that my vision, as well as the six guiding principles of Design Technology are a focus.

My vision states that Design Technology is part of our everyday lives. Especially in this current climate children need to begin learning about how to cook cheap nutritious meals and to develop confidence about making healthy choices for themselves. I need to positively encourage this across the school.

Planning and progression of our curriculum:

Year 1-2

Year A Structures – Freestanding Photo Frames Food Preparation – Smoothies Mechanisms – Moving Vehicles
Year B Mechanisms – Levers and Sliders Food Preparation – Healthy Snacks Textiles – Puppets

Year 3-4

Year A Textiles – Joining techniques Food – Simple Savoury Foods Structures – Frames and Shells
Year B Mechanisms – Levers and Linkages Food – Healthy Sandwiches Electrical Systems

Year 5-6

Year A Mechanisms – Cams, Pulleys and Gears Food – Creating a Healthy Meal 3D Textiles
Year B Structures – Making a musical instrument Food – Creating a Healthy Soup Electrical Systems

We also have a Healthy Eating Cookery Club which meets once a week for different age children each term. They learn how to prepare and cook different wonderful meals and then share their cooking with their families. Here are some of the comments form parents about our Club.

‘Max thoroughly enjoyed himself and was excited to tell me what he’d been making and let me try some. He would go home and tell his Grandad about it too.’ Max’s Mum

‘I loved sharing the cooking with my daughter and trying to make something new like the samosas. It has encouraged Mabel to do some cooking at home.’

‘Chloe was excited to make the dips for us all at Christmas for our buffet and they were really nice. She likes to make the flapjack and the soup too.’ Chloe’s Grandma

‘Thomas loves making flapjack. He really enjoyed trying different fruit when you made fruit kebabs as he won’t usually eat very much different kinds of fruit. He enjoyed the experience of cooking and will experiment in our kitchen. His sister came to the last session and enjoyed cooking with her brother.’

‘Brooke really enjoyed the cookery club and we make the bread all the time. She tried a new recipe from the book and made ginger biscuits. When I came to cook with Brooke I felt it was a lovely environment and very welcoming.’

‘I thought the cookery club was an excellent opportunity for Alice to have through practical experience a greater understanding of healthy food and a healthy diet and as a busy working Mum who does cook I learnt some new things too. After that Alice was keen to cook at home.’