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Welcome to our page all about Music.

Subject Leader: Daniel Orr

Governor with responsibility: Carol Williamson

All policies are available on the Policies page.

Our Vision (Intent):

My vision is for all pupils to unlock the ability to express themselves musically while developing their understanding of the subject and a love of playing an instrument.
By the end of Year 2 pupils will have been taught: to use their voices expressively and creatively; play tuned and untuned instruments musically.
By the end of Year 4 pupils will have been taught: to appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians
By the end of Year 6 pupils will have an awareness of and had the experience of: to pupils to sing and play musically with increasing confidence and control, to have some understanding of the history of music and of musical composition.

Behind the Vision:

We are within a community where pupils often do not have access to musical instruments due to financial constraints. I believe that our pupils need to be taught music well because it will enrich their lives and lead to the realisation that music is a joyous and vital part of the fabric of life. There is a thriving music scene in the local and regional community which the pupils will be more likely to get involved with. Furthermore, helping pupils to improve their ability to appraise, understand and perform music will give them a set of skills that will help them in terms of confidence, self-respect, knowledge and building resilience. This will help to close the gap that the COVID pandemic has caused in all subjects.

In order to achieve the vision:

  1. Explore further options for peripatetic teaching.
  2. Introduce music ambassadors to Trumacar.
  3. Staff training on Charanga

Planning and progression of our curriculum:

Our Music Scheme is based around the Charanga Music Scheme and is supplemented and when appropriate. Children also discover music by specific Composers during their musical learning.

Year 1-2

Year A Franz Liszt
Hey! You
Franz Liszt
Rhythm in the Way we Walk and The Banana Rap
Igor Stravinsky
In the Groove
Igor Stravinsky
Round and Round
Frederic Chopin
Your Imagination
Frederic Chopin
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year B Richard Strauss
Hands, Feet, Heart
Richard Strauss
Ho, Ho, Ho
Gustav Mahler
I Wanna Play in a Band
Gustav Mahler
Richard Wagner
Friendship Song
Richard Wagner
Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Year 3-4

Year A Benjamin Britten
Let Your Spirit Fly
Benjamin Britten
Glockenspiel Stage 1
Antonio Vivaldi
Three Little Birds
Antonio Vivaldi
The Dragon Song
Edvard Grieg
Bringing us Together
Edvard Grieg
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year B Claude Debussy
Mamma Mia
Claude Debussy
Glockenspiel Stage 2
Camille Saint-Saens
Camille Saint-Saens
Lean on Me
William Rimmer
William Rimmer
Reflect, Rewing and Replay

Year 5-6

Year A JS Bach
Livin’ on a Prayer
JS Bach
Classroom Jazz 1
Gustav Holst
Making you Feel my Love
Gustav Holst
The Fresh Prince of BelAir
George Friedric Handel
Dancing in the Street
George Friedric Handel
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Year B Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Classroom Jazz 2
Ludwig van Beethoven
A New Year Carol
Ludwig van Beethoven
You’ve Got a Friend
George Gershwin George Gershwin
Reflect, Rewing and Replay